Guided Self-Discovery

Ongoing series of consultations with some practical exercises in between.

Practical self-discovery: your unique personality traits, hidden talents, inner potential, rhythm of destiny. Based on your natal chart but you don’t need to know astrology.

For those who want to better understand themselves and their life

Natal chart

Meet natal chart, a map of your life. Encrypted within it is your inner potential, personality traits, and the overall rhythm of your destiny.

We use your natal chart as a foundation to learn the deepest patterns of your life.

Personalised studying plan

We will develop a personalised study plan based on your natal chart, taking into account the nuances of your personality and life circumstances.

A plan may include:

  • Your personality and dominant personality trait
  • A spheres for self-realisation
  • Conscious mind and willpower
  • General shape of subconscious, adaptivity, needs and care
  • Hidden talents, skills and points to growth
  • Communication, partnership and group work
  • … Dozens of other topic hidden in astrology

If you have any particular topics you’re interested in, let us know, and we’ll adjust the plan to include them.


We meet every two weeks for 2 hours sessions. So you have enough (but not too much) time for digesting the information and exploring your own personality.

We go step by step from one part of your life (and personality) to another one. If a certain topic feels important, we spend more time on it.

As a result you delve deeper into yourself, realising the subtleties of your personal configuration. This helps to live the life you want to live and manifest yourself.

Exercises for practice

You will have two weeks of self-exploration between the sessions. For that time we prepare creative exercises. They will help to deepen your knowledge about the studying topic, train new skills and solidify the knowledge you’ve acquired. Exercises creates the space for your insights and revelations.

Polymodal psychology and magic

We supplement astrology with practical methods of polymodal psychology and esoteric knowledge. This enriches the self-discovery process, making it deeper and more effective. You are not only learning about yourself but also developing qualities, addressing problematic modalities, and realising your potential.

We employ concepts like sub-personalities, personal archetypes, spheres of the psyche, levels of personality, supreme archetypes, and more.


The process of self-discovery is infinite, but we recommend to start with 3 months and then take a break.

Price: €300/month
With advanced payment for the whole period we give 20% discount