Don’t overcome fear, master your skills instead

Fear is a protective mechanism of the psyche that safeguards us from dangers and failures. The presence of fear indicates that we lack the skills and abilities in a certain activity.

Fear of heights protects us from falling.
Fear of public speaking prevents public embarrassment or failure.

Fear itself is not a problem – it protects from problems. When experiencing fear, we shouldn’t fight with it. Instead, we should deal with the situation that causes the fear: by enhancing our skills and qualifications.

Fear of heights. If a person overcomes their fear of heights and climbs a construction crane without proper training, there’s a high chance of falling and getting injured.

To work through the fear of heights, one should focus on physical training and coordination. Then the body will know what to do in a situation of fall danger and fear won’t be a problem anymore.

Fear public speaking. Suppose a person overcomes their fear and publicly delivers a lecture without proper rhetorical skills. In that case, there’s a high chance that they won’t withstand the energy directed by a large audience, and their performance will be weak, unimpressive, and empty.

To work through the fear of public speaking, one should practice: honing their oratory skills, prepare their speech well, and rehearse it several times. Then the psyche will be ready for increased attention, and the person will not lose their composure in a stressful situation.

In astrology

This principle is symbolised by Saturn, a planet which also represents such qualities: patience, responsibility, discipline, resilience, humility, asceticism, perseverance, and wisdom. Saturn tells us that fear is a symbol of life’s domains, where our greatest strength lies hidden. To access this strength, we should adopt a Saturnian approach: moving carefully and methodically, mastering our skills step by step. Be wise, listen to Saturn.