Egregore the collective spirit

In 2020, we entered a new era: several global astrological cycles came to an end, and a new chapter in our history began.

In the new world, collective work has come to the forefront, making the concept of Egregore very important. By learning to recognize and work with Egregores, we can more easily manifest our ideas and better understand the processes taking place in the world. In this article, we explain 6 traits of egregore. 

Egregore is the spirit

Egregore is the spirit of the collective. This is the force that creates, organizes, leads and ultimately destroys the collective. An egregore is a subject of the collective subconscious. It is non-material and resides on the subtle plane of our reality.

In other words, an egregore is a virtual programme that governs the collective: coordinates individual members, unites their efforts in one direction, manages the completion of group tasks and forms the rules of interaction between the participants.

👉 Any sustainable collective that has a sense of community has an egregore: all big religions, nations, states, political parties and corporations have their egregores. The same goes for smaller groups like family, friends and even couples.

Belonging to an egregore is expressed in a mystical sense of involvement, when a certain group of people feels like “their own”.

Egregore – a programme in the subtle world, ruling the collective
Egregores vary in size: both a whole country and a particular family have egregores

Egregore is primary

An egregore is born to fulfil a mission. For that, it gathers the right people into a united collective to work together on the task at hand.

This is a fundamental point, which is not compatible with the modern materialistic paradigm.

👉 From materialistic perspective egregore is something secondary to the collective: first people gather together and then depending on their individuality, a certain group spirit emerges.

👉 From spiritual perspective the subtle plane is higher than physical one, that’s why it‘s primary. First a mission appears, then an egregore is born and then it manifests in a physical collective. Not the other way around.

An egregore is assembling the right people to fulfil its mission 

Egregore is intelligent

An egregore has its own independent consciousness, will and realization power. Egregores are valid participants in our life: they influence our decisions, interfere with our life situations, and we are able to interact with them as with sensible beings.

👉 An egregore of a state is concerned with its own development and security. To this end, the state has special services, an army, a veil of secrecy and even goes to the lengths of murder without particularly asking the opinion of the citizens. Individuals interact with the state egregore through bureaucratic instruments and elections. And if they are high up in the hierarchy of the egregore, then directly through the institutions of power.

👉 A couple egregore gives the two individuals a sense of unity: the individuals think of themselves as a couple. They have a favourite ‘our’ song, important anniversary dates, memorable ‘our’ places, and their own mythology. The couple egregore is able to intervene in the life flow of two people so that they “accidentally” meet and start a relationship. In these cases, we say that it is fate. And occult knowledge specifies: it is a couple egregore.

A national egregore incites people for war against another country, where many of them will perish

Egregore influences the individual

An egregore guides the collective through life. In order to do so it needs to influence all of its members, coordinate their actions and direct their attention.

An egregore influences an individual through their subconscious. It insensibly forces an individual to identify themselves with the group and see the world through the Egregore’s eyes. Thus an individual recognises the group’s values and goals as their own. 

👉 Consider a geopolitical tension between two countries. Although there’s no personal spite between their people, they feel hostile towards each other. That’s the hostility of the two national egregores in conflict, which affects personal relationships between individuals.

Moreover, an egregore may directly interfere with the flow of a person’s life, setting up “random” encounters; excite emotional reactions, pushing a person to act in a certain way; empower a person with energy to carry out its assignments or, conversely, weaken a person to immobilise them.

An egregore shifts a person’s assemblage point, restricting their worldview 
A couple egregore brings two people together

Egregores compete with each other

Egregores as any other living beings want to grow and prosper. So they fight amongst themselves for influence and resources.

👉 Countries rival with each other for resources, companies compete for customers in the marketplace, political parties fight for votes and churches compete for parishioners.

All this is done by the hands of the people. The human is both the tool and the target of these battles.

On an individual level, egregores fight for attention of a person, trying to exploit them to the fullest. Every day a human interacts with a multitude of egregores, each of which wants as much activation as possible.

In the periods of acute social transformation this competition can turn into a real war for the human soul. And then the person will face a very strong pressure and a critical internal dilemma.

👉 In peaceful times people of different political views may well form a family. But in times of political crisis, the confrontation between two political egregores may escalate so much that people will have to choose between the family and political loyalty. In other words they will have to choose between the family egregore and the party egregore.

Egregores of Apple and Android argue about who’s the coolest through their followers’ comments on social media
A person is connected to several egregores, who fight each other for the person’s attention

Egregores are mortal

Egregores, unlike humans, do not have an immortal soul or buddha nature. That is, they do not participate in the sansaric cycle of reincarnations (in the Christian tradition: they do not face the judgment of God). And in this fact lies the key difference between the egregore and the human being.

An egregore dies after accomplishing its mission, and a human continues the cycle of reincarnation in Sansara

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