Magic advice: when creating a project, connect with the greater forces

There are two reasons for that:

  1. Important projects require substantial energy, and personal energy is limited.
  2. Significant projects should be important not only to you but also to the world – hence the need to draw upon the world’s energy in their realisation.

Egregore and archetype

There are two primary transpersonal sources of energy: an egregore and an archetype. Both are located in the Subtle Plane of the collective subconscious – that’s why they represent transpersonal forces. Their energy is bigger than the energy of any ordinary human.

Egregore is the spirit of a collective, some kind of a group mind. This is the force that creates, organises, leads, and ultimately destroys the collective. Every stable collective has its egregore.

Archetype is an abstract idea that underlies similar objects and phenomena. The archetype manifests itself in the form of various similar objects, each of which is unique, while the archetype remains universal. Abstract ideas such as Love, Beauty, Justice, Good, and Evil are archetypes.

🔮 When you work on an important project, connect to an egregore or archetype and use their energy. In old times it was called magic, nowadays we call it intelligence.


Suppose you want to create a fashion brand. Decide where you can get additional energy: from an egregore (i.e., the community ) or an archetype.

👉 Connect with the egregore if you do something valuable for a certain community. For example, you are creating a clothing brand for a specific group, like mothers interested in spirituality. Or if you are making a locally-oriented project, like creating a Berlin street-fashion store.

👉 Connect with an archetype if the focus is on fashion itself: you want to make a new statement in modern fashion or express your sense of beauty. Then you can connect to the archetype of Fashion or Beauty. The local community will, of course, be important, but secondary.