2024 Astro Overview: the materialisation of the new era

In this annual overview, we describe the general shape of the year. We talk about major energies which our world will face in 2024 and the results they bring. We don’t try to predict the exact events, instead, we try to understand the path our world is going. Consider this overview as a direction for reflection and your personal observation.

This text will take around 7-10 minutes to read. We explain the meaning of 5 major events, giving short summaries after each part. At the end, we briefly talk about smaller transits and give the timeline with all important events.


2024 continues many trends that started last year. This is another year of global transformation and the official end of the Old World.

There are two main astrological events in 2024: Pluto, moving into Aquarius, and the square aspect between Jupiter and Saturn. Both of these aspects have a direct connection with the Great Mutation cycle, a 200-year-old cycle of Jupiter and Saturn that constructs the foundations of our lives. For 180 years, we lived in a world based on material wealth (the Earth cycle). In 2020, we officially entered the informational era (the Air cycle). 2024 is the year of the first materialisation of the new epoch and its challenges.

Pluto in Aquarius

On January 20th, Pluto will finally move into Aquarius. It will come back to Capricorn only once at the end of the year. Thus, we can officially mark the beginning of the Aquarius Pluto cycle.

Pluto’s transition to a new sign is significant in itself because Pluto is the slowest-moving planet and represents the deepest levels of humanity.

Revolution. The last time Pluto visited Aquarius was in the late 18th century: the French Revolution in just 10 years changed hundreds of years of history. Everyone remembers its motto written in Aquarius style: “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”. However, the full version is not so popular. It states: “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity or Death”. This forgotten addition is what Pluto in Aquarius will remind us of (especially after 2025 when Neptune enters Aries, and fiery activism and militarism become trendy).

Sensitive degree. There is one particularly important moment regarding Pluto’s transition into Aquarius. In December 2020 Jupiter conjoined Saturn at 1 degree of Aquarius, marking the beginning of a new Great Mutation cycle. For the last 180 years, our world has been based on Earth element. Now we are entering a fundamentally new Air Era. Because of Jupiter and Saturn’s conjunction, the first degree of Aquarius is a sensitive point in the context of global processes. This year Pluto goes through that point, bringing transformation to our political, social and economic foundations of society.

Transformation of life. Pluto’s conjunction with the chart of the Great Mutation indicates a radical restructuring of the world: the old world forever recedes into the past. Pluto in Aquarius brings changes to our daily lives that are hard to imagine now: AI-based economy, human genetic engineering, neural links connecting our minds with computers, virtual characters replacing real friends or partners, etc. Many science fiction fantasies are becoming our reality.

Last March. Pluto briefly entered into Aquarius in March-May 2023. The stories that began at that time will continue this year.

In Sagiplutarium, we pay special attention to Ai. It was much hyped last spring, promising huge changes in many business processes, but quieted down after Pluto’s return to Capricorn last June. We expect a breakthrough this year, especially at the end of May to early June when Pluto will make a trine to Jupiter.

🦾 A new trend for the next 20 years: cyberpunk becomes real life. Especially important because Pluto goes through a sensitive point in the Great Mutation chart (a natal chart of the new era). Radical transformation of political, social and economic foundations of society. The stories that began last spring will continue this year.

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus in Taurus

On April 20th, Jupiter will conjunct Uranus at 22 degrees of Taurus. The last conjunction of Jupiter with a higher planet, Neptune, led to the proposal of a Disinformation Governance Board in the USA. People rightfully called it an Orwellian Ministry of Truth. Hence, we cautiously await what governments will propose this time. Uranus is known for its unpredictability and extravagance, so expect significant surprises.

Economy and finances. Since the conjunction will be in Taurus we expect some big news or legislation connected with the agricultural sector, energy, or finance. Perhaps the SEC will ban cryptocurrency, legalise it, or finally introduce a CryptoDollar? We’ll see.

Materialising miracles. On a personal level, this period opens up opportunities to harness the forces of chaos and unpredictability for our own benefit. If we learn to think outside the box, we can materialise miracles. Another way to achieve this is by embracing revolutionary technologies, whether it’s ChatGPT, astrology, or something else. Jupiter and Uranus open a portal to expand our stability both material and spiritual. Of course if we are ready to find the right keys.

⚡️ Expect unexpected in the agricultural sector, energy, or finance. This is a possibility to go outside the box and expand your stability, both material and spiritual. The key moment is to find stability in instability and order in chaos.

Jupiter in Gemini

On May 26th, Jupiter moves into Gemini. Jupiter symbolises society: public consciousness and subconsciousness, legislative power, and the principle of expansion (hence its ancient association with luck and prosperity).

Jupiter’s transit into Gemini does two things: it shifts focus onto Gemini themes in society and changes how Jupiter expresses itself.

Trendy topics. Such topics as Information, the Internet, Communication, Transport, and Education (especially Online Education) will garner even more public attention. The technological revolution in these matters will come after 2025 with Uranus’s transit into Gemini. This year, Jupiter will prepare the ground, whether through public interest or legislative foundations.

Restriction for the Internet. Given the revolutionary nature of our times and the square aspect of Saturn, we expect specific legislative proposals regulating the internet or significant public attention to this topic. The internet is becoming a crucial infrastructure, so expect less freedom and anonymity there.

Our additional interest: a shift in marketing trends. Jupiter also symbolises advertisement so we expect to see marketing campaigns based on unique information, networking, online education, AI assistance and other Gemini topics.

👩‍💻 Such topics as information, communication, transport and education are trendy. Jupiter prepares the society for the future technological revolution in these fields (after 2025 when Uranus moves to Gemini). But the Internet expects more restrictions.

Jupiter and Saturn squared

Until April, Jupiter forms a constructive sextile with Saturn, while Jupiter moves through Taurus. From August, Jupiter in Gemini will square Saturn in Pisces. This is a crucial aspect: the first quarter of the Great Mutation cycle, we were talking about before.

The materialisation of the new era. In December 2020, Jupiter conjoined with Saturn at 1 degree of Aquarius, officially starting a new Air Era. The square between them signifies the first substantial materialisation of the new era.

The contours of the New World become clearer. Governments and societies have to adapt to them. What happened during the coronavirus period was not an unfortunate misstep, it was the teaser of the New World, which is taking its shape nowadays.

Considering Pluto’s transition into Aquarius, 2024 will be historically noted as the year the world finally cemented a new reality:

  1. The globalist project is dead, instead the world fragmented into closed zones (even the Internet will be fragmented similar to Chinese Great Firewall);
  2. Information and technology are the new source of power, replacing factories and steamships of previous century; attention becomes the new currency;
  3. The role of the individual in history giving way to collectives; people are divided not by state borders but by values and beliefs;
  4. Digital reality becoming more common, while physical goods becoming a luxury;
  5. Capitalism is dead, the question is what comes next: socialism or neo-feudalism?
  6. A new dogma and inquisition emerge, monitoring words (and soon even thoughts). Moreover, each society has its own key ideology and its own rules. But words become equally dangerous in any society.

First difficulties. At the same time, this year also reveals the first difficulties in materializing the Air Epoch. The square is a tense aspect, demanding significant effort to realise its potential. What will we do with millions of people fired because of AI? How will we trust the reality when deep fake technology can imitate any person doing any action? What it will be like to live in a society where every step is captured and traced?

Pay special attention to periods when fast-moving planets form aspects of this square (in Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius). During these periods, global difficulties can be felt personally.

⚒️ This is the first substantial materialisation of the new Air era started in 2020. The old world is done, but the construction of the new one faces its challenges. What happened during the coronavirus period was not an unfortunate misstep, it was the teaser of the New World, which is taking its shape nowadays.

Attention to Mars and Pluto

In the Air Mutation chart, Mars is squared to Pluto, defining the next 20 years’ character: militarization, military conflicts, social unrest, terrorist attacks, and armed uprisings (still to come). That’s why we pay special attention to transiting aspects of Mars to Pluto, especially squares and oppositions.

Dangerous transits. The most tense moments of the year are when transit Mars forms challenging aspects to Pluto. Last year there were two such periods. In May 2023 Mars formed a T-square with Pluto and Jupiter: the intensification of war in Ukraine during the battle of Bakhmut (also called Bakhmut meat grinder due to its horrific loss). At the beginning of October Mars squared Pluto: the Hamas attack on Israel and the subsequent military operation.

In 2024 there are three such periods:

  • January-February: Mars will be in conjunction with Pluto
  • The first half of June: Mars squared Pluto
  • End of October – beginning of November: Mars in opposition to Pluto.

☠️ Transits between Mars and Pluto are the dangerous periods of the year because Mars squared Pluto in the natal chart of the new era. We can expect violence and intensification in wars: January-February, The first half of June, End of October – the beginning of November.

Other aspects

Lilith in Libra. On April 29th Lilith, also known as Dark Moon, moves to Libra. Taking into consideration the current level of peace in the world, we can expect scandals in matters of diplomacy and negotiation. On a personal level Lilith can provoke conformism or snobbish elitism.

Mars Retrograde. On December 7th, Mars becomes Retrograde in Leo. During its retrograde motion, Mars will make few oppositions to Pluto and come back to Cancer. But this will happen already in 2025.

Mercury Retrograde. Traditionally Mercury will be retrograde three times during the year: in April, August and November-December.


20 Jan: Pluto moves to Aquarius
27 Jan: Uranus direct
13 Feb: Mars conjuncts Pluto
2-25 Apr: Mercury Retrograde
20 Apr: Jupiter conjuncts Uranus
2 May: Pluto Retrograde
26 May: Jupiter moves to Gemini

2 Jun: Jupiter trines Pluto
11 Jun: Mars squared to Pluto
29 Jun: Saturn Retrograde, Lilith moves to Libra
2 Jul: Neptune retrograde
5-29 Aug: Mercury Retrograde
19 Aug: Jupiter squared to Saturn

1 Sep: Uranus Retrograde
2 Sep: Pluto moves back to Capricorn
9 Oct: Jupiter Retrograde
12 Oct: Pluto Direct
2 Nov: Mars opposite to Pluto
15 Nov: Saturn Direct
19 Nov: Pluto moves to Aquarius
26 Nov – 16 Dec: Mercury Retrograde

7 Dec: Mars Retrograde
8 Dec: Neptune Direct