Fight for Success: the culmination of Mars in the 10th house

In astrology, there are two opposing houses: the 4th and the 10th. The 4th House symbolises home, family and deep subconscious programs; the 10th House – society, success, social status, career, and public recognition.

Mars in the 4th house is in its fall, while in the 10th house, it culminates. That means that Mars reaches its strength and highest expression in career and public success while it shows its greatest challenges and weaknesses at home and in family situations.

At home

The fall of Mars in the 4th house is understandable: Mars represents activity, strength, energy, resistance, and aggression, while at home, one needs to rest and support each other. Therefore, Mars in the 4th house at a low level can create a very quarrelsome, constantly bickering family (at a medium level, it may result in a family of entertainers and activists, always busy with something).

In the psyche of such an individual, there will always be some form of energetic itch that requires effort and resistance, which is not the most pleasant personality trait.

In public success

The culmination of Mars in the 10th house underscores the common belief that boldness leads to success.

Society says: Do you desire recognition and status? Then, work hard, persevere, and, if necessary, be prepared to assert yourself vigorously, even if it means being ruthless at times. Consequently, the most assertive and goal-oriented individuals often rise rapidly up the career ladder—this is particularly true in the cutthroat realm of politics, which is directly associated with the 10th House.

Does this mean we should be harsh on our path to success?

Not at all. This is a general view that emerges from astrological symbolism. It describes society, but each of us has our own natal chart and, therefore, our own personal guide to achieving success. Different people have the 10th house in different signs and with different planets inside it; therefore, each person needs to rely on their own secrets to success. For some, indeed, assertiveness and diligence are necessary, while for others, gentle support and care will work better.

Other ways

The most interesting part is that public recognition and success are not necessary for everyone. There are many other ways of self-actualisation: raising kids, being a loving and caring partner, education, gaming, spiritual growth, etc.

Your natal chart can guide you in what suits you the most. So, if you want to understand yourself better, find your place in the world or realise your inner potential – check your chart or consult with an astrologer.