Moon advice: what to do if we do not receive enough care

In Astrology Moon symbolises our needs. In Moon-related aspects of our lives, we require nurturing and support. These are the areas where we can’t easily take care of ourselves and require assistance from others.

👉 One of the Moon principles: it’s like not being able to give yourself a back massage – you need someone else to help with that.

We are extremely sensitive in these areas; our rear is not guarded, and we feel with all our being that we need to be taken care of. And if we don’t receive this support and care, we feel hurt.

Challenging Moon

It’s possible that the Moon in one’s natal chart can be challenging. People with a challenging Moon in their natal charts might regularly feel like they’re not receiving the care and protection they need from the world. This can create a heavy emotional burden, leading to resentment towards both people and the world, leaving them feeling deeply unsatisfied.

The problem is that we cannot demand care and protection from the world; too much of active demand will shut down the Moon and activate other planets, such as the Sun or Mars, and our Moon will remain unsatisfied.

👉 Imagine a person who feels a lack of care. They would like to be treated to hot tea, have breakfasts prepared for them, and receive massages after a hard day of work. If they ask for care, their request will be fulfilled once or twice, but it won’t change the long-term situation. A general feeling of dissatisfaction will remain.

From an astrological perspective, it means, that when a person demands care, they use their willpower and activate Sun energy. However, sincere care is taken under the Moon energy. That’s why it doesn’t give results.


The symbolism of Moon gives us the answer. The Moon is not only about requiring care but also giving care. And there lies the key.

Despite any hurt or resentment, a person needs to learn to care for the world in the same way they want to be cared for. The more care one needs, the more care one should give. This selflessness can help them work through their own Moon. With time, they might notice that occasionally, their call for care and support is answered by others.

👉 A person feels like no one cares for him when they are sick. The solution here is to start caring for others when sick. It will help to manifest the energy of their own Moon. After a while of that Moon-based work, a person will develop their Moon archetype, and the World will send some caring people to them. Possibly, they even become a healer who will help others professionally.

This quality of the Moon is one of the reasons why people with similar problems tend to pursue supportive professions. By helping others, you help yourself as well.