Consult with astrologer

Hello, my name is Alexander Nedoboy, I am a practicing astrologer.

I can help you with various requests: better understand yourself, solve specific issues, navigate difficult life periods, or synchronise with the Universe.

Learn yourself

Your strengths and weaknesses, hidden talents, inner potential, life mission and your place in the world. All your potential is encrypted in the natal chart.

👉 For those who want to better understand themselves

Plan the future

Using astrology to see the general shape of the future: the key trends, possible events and their timing. To prepare for crises and to seize opportunities.

👉 For those who want to be synchronised with the Universe

Resolve an issue

Work, relationships, finances, difficult choices, etc. We’ll diagnose the situation and find a solution based on your natal chart. If necessary, we incorporate methods of polymodal psychology and magic.

👉 For those who need a solution

Improve a partnership

Combining your charts to determine the dynamics of the relationship, areas of compatibility and points of friction. Maybe we will understand the karmic mission of your relationship.

👉 For couples

About myself

My name is Alexander Nedoboy, I’m a practising astrologer and founder of Sagiplutarium. I consult people, write articles, conduct workshops, and Astro circles.

In my practice, I combine multiple astrological systems with polymodal psychology methods to address the diversity of tasks and clients’ needs. A proponent of humanistic astrology, with a focus on realizing one’s potential and engaging in constructive work, even with the most challenging aspects.

I am a student of the Humanistic School “A Human Being Among People.” It’s founded by Absalom Podvodny, a legendary Russian astrologer, healer and psychologist.

What people say


Touch therapist

“For the third year in a row, my new year begins with a transit consultation. I like staying in sync with my plans throughout the year, and astrological counseling helps me choose the right timing. It tells me if the world might make things harder or actually help me.”

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Tea-Master & Body-worker

“I turned to Alexandr for a preview of the upcoming year. I’m intrigued by observing the astrological clocks—how they reflect life’s cycles and rhythms. It helps me avoid rushing ahead of the train or slowing down when I should be moving.

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Personal consultation

“Had an extensive and deeply insightful session, it helped me to see clearer some major points that need to be worked out in the future. Professional individual approach, atmosphere of trust and collaboration.”

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Co-founder of Sagiplutarium

“In 2020-2021, we had series of consultations on financial matters in my life with Alex. These consultations completely changed my life.

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Artistic and Scientific Researcher

“Alex and myself started with a passion we share in astrology, something I find interesting myself. His experience always have been valuable in the way to bring it to Earth: to real manifestations, not only in the idea and concept. It has been helpful to know how elements manifest on a worldly plane in conversations, communication and organization.”

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Transdisciplinary Artist, Photographer,

Himalayan Kriya Practitioner 

“Thank you, for such a profound support of your consultation! I was walking under the sun afterwards felt the soft light of clarity and subtle faith after these oddly-struggling period of time in life… Very appreciated about your questions and how the way it unfolds the entanglement of chaos then categorise into specific spaces. Thank you for sharing your information and wisdom.”


First consultation. If we haven’t met before, I’ll need to familiarize myself with your astrological chart and understand the nuances of your life’s journey. For this, I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire and respond to questions in writing. The session lasts two hours, allowing us ample time to delve deep into your astrological insights.
Price: €150 for a 2-hour session

All the next ones. For returning clients, simply outline your current request, and we’ll schedule the next available slot for your consultation.
Price: €100 per hour

Pre-meeting. We can arrange a 15-minute call in Zoom to discuss your request and the ways I can be helpful to you. It’s free.

👉 To begin contact me via Email, Telegram or WhatsApp