Circle vs. Square: Or Overcoming Antagonism through the Archetype of 2

A bit of numerology. The polarity and antagonism between two objects are symbolised by the number 2. In astrology, it’s represented by the Opposition aspect.

The question is: How to achieve balance and peace between two sides that are in a state of irreconcilable hostility?

The natural answer that comes to mind is to reach a compromise by meeting somewhere in the middle. You have your truth, I have mine, so let’s find a middle ground.

This may seem a good idea. However, from numerological and astrological perspectives, that’s not a solution.

Circle and Square

Imagine we need to find a compromise between a Circle and a Square. The Circle is a perfect shape, which symbolises smoothness and equality. In contrast, the Square has sharp angles but is stable and robust. Both have their merits. The Circle strives for perfection, while the Square for stability. How can we find a compromise between them?

Middle ground

If we search for a middle ground, we will find something like this👇 Neither the Circle nor the Square would retain their identity. The Circle would lose its perfection and the Square its sharpness. Hence, they would never agree to such a compromise. They would stand their ground until the end. And if given weapons, they would fire at each other until they ran out of ammunition.

The True Compromise

The secret of real compromise between two polarities lies in the next number — the number 3. To the two polarities, we introduce a third element — The Whole. We step outside the confines of the two conflicting sides to view them as two extremes of the same entity.

How does this play out in our Circle-Square standoff? We add dimensionality.

Now, the Square and Circle are two aspects of a singular entity. Viewed from the top, it’s a circle, from the side – a square. Their identities are preserved, and balance is achieved, yet each retains its shape.

We don’t try to change their positions to make a compromise. Instead, we find a way to harmoniously arrange two sides to make a whole.

Dynamic Balance

Another example is riding a bicycle. When cycling, we don’t try to balance between the left and right sides. That’s not how it works. Instead, we constantly shift, leaning from one side to another, to achieve a dynamic equilibrium.

On a bike, the compromise means that after leaning to the left, we shift our body weight to the opposite side and lean to the right. And then again to the left… And that’s how we go. Think about that in terms of the political processes and the constant fight between left- and right wings.

The Future of the World

These examples were provided by Avessalom Podvodny, a famous astrologer and the founder of polymodal psychology. He used to say that in the upcoming Aquarius era, humanity will learn how to develop the archetype of the number 2 to overcome global tensions and conflicts we deal with nowadays.

Considering the increase of polarisation that we can see in our societies since 2020, the challenges of the number 2 have indeed intensified and taken centre stage. Now we are in the first phase of dealing with polarities. But the same as with the bicycle, once we learn how to keep dynamic balance, we never forget it.

It may seem strange now, but as humanity, we are on the right path to working through conflicts and antagonism (if we survive, of course).


If you’re shaken by societal polarisation, by the terrible news of another war conflict, or if you find a lot of antagonism in your personal life – consider the archetype of the number 2 and how to achieve balance by venturing into a higher perspective, viewing conflicting sides as two facets of the same narrative