How do you know when to break up with a person?

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Hi, I’m in need of astrological advice. How do you know when it’s time to break up with a guy? How do people figure that out? 😅😅 We’re in a great relationship, but I don’t feel any common field anymore. Thanks and have a great day!


Elise, ask the Couple Egregore about it. There are three entities in any relationship: you, your partner and your Couple Egregore.

Couple Egregore

Couple Egregore is the spirit of your relationship. It is a programme on the subtle plane that turns the two individuals into one couple. Whenever you identify as a couple and use the pronoun “we” instead of “I”, you are dealing with a Couple Egregore.

For example, you say:

  • WE need to buy…
  • What are WE going to do today?
  • WE need to talk.
  • WE spent a lot of money last month….

Try saying it in the first person, and you will feel a difference in your state of mind. That difference is the Couple Egregore.


A Couple Egregore indicates a mission: you and your partner need each other for something. The mission of the partnership does not necessarily manifest itself directly in the format of the relationship.

👉 You may think that you are in a romantic relationship, but in fact, you are teaching each other the missing modalities.

Natural separation occurs when the mission of the egregore is fulfilled. At that point, the egregore initiates a self-destruct process, and everyone goes their separate ways with the sense that everything is happening as it should be.

👉 This breaking up can still be quite intense and emotionally hard. But after some time, we clearly understand that chapter is closed.

If we break up before the mission is accomplished, the Couple Egregore remains and may interfere with our future relationships.

👉 These are the situations when we drunk text our ex, then regret it, and then it repeats again. We feel that the chapter is not closed, and there are some “what ifs”.

Three possibilities

Since you have a question about breaking up, there are three possibilities:

  1. You as a couple have fulfilled your mission, and the Couple Egregore starts the programme of self-termination.
  2. You haven’t finished your mission, but you don’t see any possibilities to finish it, and you give up.
  3. You are changing the format of the relationship.

To clarify that moment, talk to your egregore.

Make a ritual

Think of your Couple Egregore as an intelligent entity: it can be an angel, a spirit, a virtual program, or even an animal. It is important to feel it as something alive.

Speak to it directly: ask it what is going on in your relationship. Describe your feelings of and attitude towards the situation and ask for help.

The Couple Egregore can hear you out and create the conditions to clarify the situation.

👉 Perhaps your partner will suddenly want to talk to you, or you may have a situation where you yourself suddenly start to talk things out. Or perhaps an inner understanding will come to you, and the matter will resolve itself.

That sounds like magic because, actually, it is magic, and it works.

If there is no egregore

If you do not have a sense of fellowship, you do not have a couple egregore. In esoteric terms, this means that you are not a couple but two individuals who spend time together.

In that case, the question of separation is answered by introspection: are you having fun together, is this interaction giving you more than it is taking away? How well aligned is this interaction with your other life programmes?

You can even make a list of pros and cons and base your decisions on it. Without a Couple Egregore, there won’t be any resistance, and you are free to do as you wish.