Beginning a discipleship

Last week we celebrated Equinox – the day and night equality, the entering of dark half of the year, when night is longer than day.
And on Monday Mercury got retrograde.

It’s a good time to make a cup of tea and sum up everything that happened during the last half of the year and prepare ourselves for the second part of an astronomical year.

Professional crisis

At the beginning of the year I met my first serious profession crisis which clearly showed me the lack of foundation. My astrological practice was built on what I learnt from books and my personal intuition and discoveries.

The real knowledge is transferred only personally. The thing is that knowledge and skills, especially so complicated and deep as Astrology, are much more than just a mental information – they are rather a stream we need to connect to. The information, especially in written form, serves as a map. Human beings are the bridges.

The challenges I faced in my work left me no choice: I hit the wall, books didn’t help anymore – I had to find a teacher.

The teacher

Most of my knowledge is based on Avessalom Podvodny’s books, a Russian writer, poet, philosopher, esotericist, psychologist, healer and astrologer, the founder of the humanological school “The man among people” and the creator of the psycho-therapeutic system of Higher archetypes.

Avessalom Podvodny died in 2018, leaving 60 highly concentrated books and hundreds of students.

One of his best students and closest followers is Olga Rovnaya, who, together with his widow Mariana, takes care of AP’s heritage, does private consultations and her own astrological and humanological researches. That was my best possible teacher. If not Avessalom himself, then his closest disciple.

A trip to begin

At the beginning of February, in the middle of retrograde Mercury time, I went to Russia to see my family and to find Olga: to learn Astrology and other AP’ systems first-hands. During this time I took a break from almost all social media activity and disappeared.

Olga and I met exactly on March Equinox, a day when Sun transfers from Pisces to Aries to begin a new Astrological year. Those days my transit Neptune after 11 years of wandering in my 8th house moved to the 9th one – a house of personal ideals, spiritual teaching and discipleship, expansion of consciousness.

The discipleship has begun.


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