How can I succeed with my art?

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Hello! I’m an artist, but I can’t make a living from it, no matter how hard I try. How can I succeed in creativity so that I can live from it? Appreciate any guidance you can offer!


First, answer the question: why do you do art? In esoteric terms, whom do you serve: archetype or egregore? Your answer determines the path to take. There are two options: to take the path of a Divine Artist or bring value to the community.

The Path of the Artist

The Divine Artist path means serving Art and Creativity with faith and truth without expecting material rewards. With proper dedication, the Archetype of Art may notice you and possibly reward you materially. But it’s uncertain. Van Gogh was a great artist but died in poverty, not selling a single painting.

This is an honest, beautiful, and profoundly noble path, suitable for true Artists who prioritize the Ideal over the Material.

If this path is for you, don’t try to sell your Art, just create and believe. Your time will come.

Value for the Community

If you want to earn through creativity: find people for whom your artwork will be valuable. If certain people see value in your art, they will be willing to exchange it for money. In astrology, this principle is symbolised by Venus. Venus rules both art, social connections, and money. So all these things are interconnected.

If such people don’t exist, it means several things: either you’re not searching well, or they don’t exist yet (but they may come in the future), or you overestimate your creativity.

With this approach, it’s important to understand your audience clearly. Be ready to adjust your art or the style of Self-promotion to people’s tastes, desires, and preferences.

The Middle Way

You can combine approaches and work simultaneously on the archetype and the community (in esoteric terms — egregore). But this requires special talents, which should be manifested in your natal chart. Not everyone is destined to be a great artist and recognised in their lifetime.

It might turn out that in your natal chart, there’s no connection between creativity and money. In that case, you may reach great heights in art but struggle to monetise it directly. In that case, you need to find financial support somewhere else. However, you can stay true to yourself: not conforming to commercially successful frameworks, but creating in the true sense of the word.