Levels of Vibration

Levels of vibration are an esoteric concept describing the world as various forms of energy, each with different vibration frequencies. Higher vibrations are associated with positive qualities such as love, forgiveness, and peace, while low levels are associated with negative qualities like fear, greed and anger. The idea suggests that energy vibrations attract phenomena with similar frequencies.

👿 Thus, if a person’s consciousness vibrates at a low level, they tend to attract malicious and dishonest individuals, leading to harsh, disharmonious life events.

😇 Conversely, a high vibration level attracts kind people and results in harmonious life situations.

The Range of Vibration

Upper limit. A person’s vibration level is not static; it changes all the time. There are moments when an individual’s consciousness achieves high vibration levels before returning to a normal state. These are the situations of deep meditation, intense artistic inspiration, or psychedelic trips. These peak levels represent the upper limits of their vibration range.

Lower limit. Sometimes, a person’s consciousness may fall to lower vibration levels, making them prone to aggression, deception, or other negative actions. This represents the lower limits of their vibration range.

The range is quite wide for most individuals, with life unfolding between these two extremes. One might occasionally reach their upper limits, channelling high energies, or fall to their lower limits, performing regrettable actions. But most of the time, a person lives somewhere in the middle.

Evolutionary Work

Evolutionary progress involves elevating both our upper and lower limits.

Light Teachers assist us with raising the upper limit. Light Teachers are the ones who are on a higher evolutionary level than we are. They impart wisdom, or in esoteric terms, they connect us to their channels, so we receive higher energy, thereby elevating our upper limit of vibration.

😇 Light Teachers can take different forms: these can be people, like Spiritual Teachers, our friends or parents; knowledge which we can gain in different media, like spiritual books or psychological blogs; or even archetypes like Music or Art, which inspire us and thus raising our upper level of vibration.

Dark Teachers aid in improving the lower limit. They also might be individuals or life situations that help reveal and illuminate our lower nature, prompting us to acknowledge, understand, and ultimately work on it. In some circles it’s also called Shadow work.

👿 Imagine that while standing in the supermarket, we see someone cutting in line and start to get angry. This situation is our Dark Teacher, highlighting our tendency towards anger. Thanks to that situation, we can notice that and work on our anger (or, astrologically speaking, on Mars archetype).


The key moment in evolutionary development is maintaining balance.

Focusing solely on elevating the upper limit does not advance the overall evolutionary level but merely expands the range. This means that our peak state of consciousness is increasing. We can achieve a lot of benefits: a deep state in meditation, understanding high symbols, or manifestation powers. But at some point, the peak states will pass, and we will descend to our low boundary. If we do not work on it, the fall will be quite strong and unexpected.

👿 Сonsider a New Edge visionary who wears crystals, sings Mantras, meditates a lot and focuses on raising the collective Consciousness but at the same time can act arrogantly if you cross their path (of course blaming you with Ego-behaviour and being blind to the Truth).

Conversely, if we only work on our lower boundary, like struggling with vices without gaining wisdom, we very quickly hit the ceiling of our upper limit. The range narrows, and it becomes very cramped and rigid for us. We turn into dry dogma.

👿 Imagine a deeply faithful individual who is crushed by a sense of guilt stemming from the original sin, perceiving spiritual decline everywhere. Such a person exhibits impressive spiritual fortitude and resists any temptations of the devil. Yet, for some reason, they appear as if they have just escaped from Azkaban.


Evolutionary development is never linear: as we elevate ourselves, we inevitably have to touch the lower limit of our vibration range to test our spirituality in practice. If you believe you’ve achieved enlightenment, a visit to your parents will be a good test of your wisdom 😉