How to overcome the fear of self-doubt and judgement

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How to you overcome the fear of self doubt and judgement based on your astrological sign Capricorn?!


Fear and self-doubt can be triggered by various astrological factors: and different approaches are required to address them. Therefore, to provide a specific answer, we need to see your natal chart.

However, if we focus solely on the astrological sign of Capricorn, the remedy is: to expand consciousness and acknowledge your talents and successes.

In astrological terms, this means adding Jupiter to Saturn (Saturn rules Capricorn, making it a significant planet for you).

Self-doubts are normal

It’s important to note that feeling insecure is normal. It reflects the high ideals you aspire to. This is one of the manifestations of Saturn: it provokes us to deepen our knowledge with the feeling of doubts and dissatisfaction. But this insecurity can be adjusted so it doesn’t hinder your ability to live in the present.

Acknowledge your talents

Everyone has unique talents and areas in which they excel. We can clearly see that in natal charts. Often, we do not pay enough attention to our talents and take them for granted. The same goes for successes. Everyone experiences achievements and failures in life. The question is, what do you choose to focus on?

If you have self-doubt, it means your psyche registers failure situations and qualities that need development more frequently than your positive sides. This needs to be balanced by consciously acknowledging your talents and accomplishments.

Describe your talents

Consider and write down 10 of your talents, positive qualities, or skills. Then describe real-life situations where these talents helped you excel. It’s important to connect your talents with real situations so your inner Capricorn can “believe” you. Reward yourself for these achievements with a tangible gift or experience.

Receive feedback

Ask your close ones to name your talents. You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn about yourself! This exercise is beneficial because it engages the Earth archetype: you receive feedback from the external world. This helps balance your internal perception of unattainable ideals.

Give time

Spend a whole week with these thoughts and allow your subconscious to accept all these positive qualities. Something inside you will likely resist these actions and try to shift you back towards negativity. Use your willpower and do not listen to that voice at least for some time.

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