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Alexander Nedoboy (☉♐︎ /☽♍︎ /Asc♌︎)

A practising astrologer. Consults people, writes articles, conducts workshops, and Astro circles.

In his practice, he combines multiple astrological systems with polymodal psychology methods to address the diversity of tasks and clients’ needs.

A proponent of humanistic astrology, with a focus on realising one’s potential and engaging in constructive work, even with the most challenging aspects. A student of the Humanistic School “A Human Being Among People.”

Vafa Vekendra (☉♋︎/☽♎︎/Asc♊︎)

Co-Founder. Resolves issues and facilitates communication. 

A beginner astrologer who has spent the last 2 years studying astrology and supreme archetypes in the humanistic school “Human being among people”. Human life, with all its depth and mystery, is the greatest inspiration for her. Intuition, empathy and curiosity are her main helpers.



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