Astrological centre for self-development

Helping to realise yourself through astro-psychology and magic.

Personalised programs, astrological consultations, workshops.


Astrology for Awakened

Find your life mission and learn how to serve the world

Guided Self-Discovery

Explore yourself through your natal chart


Train problematic qualities and develop talents

Support in difficult time

When life becomes harsh

Improving Partnership

Better understand yourself, your partner and your relations

Astrology for Business

To succeed in professional life

General consultation

Gain clarity, solve the problem or prepare for the future

Astrology for guidance

We use astrology in two ways: as a symbolic language which allows us to express the subtleties of our soul; and as a diagnostic tool which shows our unique inner potential.

Polymodal psychology & magic for results

We combine astrology with polymodal psychology and subtle world knowledge. We use them as a tool for self-development, helping one understand their inner world, address challenging qualities, and develop one’s talents and abilities.

Who is in charge

Alexander Nedoboy (☉♐︎ /☽♍︎ /Asc♌︎)

A practising astrologer. Consults people, writes articles, conducts workshops, and Astro circles.

In his practice, he combines multiple astrological systems with polymodal psychology methods to address the diversity of tasks and clients’ needs.

Vafa Vekendra (☉♋︎/☽♎︎/Asc♊︎)

 A beginner astrologer who has spent the last 2 years studying astrology and supreme archetypes in the humanistic school “Human being among people”. Human life, with all its depth and mystery, is the greatest inspiration for her. Intuition, empathy and curiosity are her main helpers.

What people say


Attended Astro Circle

“The session had a nice balance between theory (astrological explanations) and practice (basically sharing our thoughts and experiences). The leaders of the circle created a very safe environment for sharing, listening and observing. Can’t wait to attend again!”


Personal consultation

“Thank you, for such a profound support of your consultation! I was walking under the sun afterwards felt the soft light of clarity and subtle faith after these oddly-struggling period of time in life… Very appreciated about your questions and how the way it unfolds the entanglement of chaos then categorise into specific spaces. Thank you for sharing your information and wisdom.”


Attended Astro Circle

“Astrocircle was a beautiful experience, it was interesting seeing the different elements expressions so visually. To hear others perceptions about love felt so valuable and inspiring to understand this topic from a new point of view. And want to add it was so lovely!!! I wish we could continue for hours hahah Was so nice to be in the space”


Personal consultation

“Had an extensive and deeply insightful session, it helped me to see clearer some major points that need to be worked out in the future. Professional individual approach, atmosphere of trust and collaboration.”


Astrological planning

“In November, we had a consultation, and after it, they sent me a voice message about my transits. I re-listened to it at least 20 times. It made me calm and helped me survive this crazy time.”

Join astrological journey

Over the next 12 months, we, along with the Sun, will traverse the Zodiac: to explore Zodiac signs when they are manifested the most. It’s free.