The Great Astrological Journey following the Sun

An annual open project focused on exploring the Zodiac signs. Over the next 12 months, we, along with the Sun, will traverse the Zodiac: to explore Zodiac signs when they are manifested the most.

Zodiac signs are profound and complex archetypes. They demand time, energy and attention. It’s impossible to grasp the signs purely through intellect, relying solely on Mercury. They need to be felt. Therefore, we’ll do more than just having lectures about Zodiac signs; we’ll embark on an astrological journey together. Our goal is to become friends with each of the Zodiac signs and learn how to feel them.


Live Lectures. Each month we go Live on Instagram or YouTube to introduce the essence of Zodiac sign. During these sessions, we give the main information. Then throughout the month, we explore its manifestations in practice while the Sun moves through the sign.

Zoom Meetings. At the end of each month, we gather on Zoom meeting for a cozy chat: discussing our observations, sharing personal experiences and insights, and meeting like-minded people.

For Whom

This journey will be interesting for two types of individuals:

  1. Those interested in astrology—both beginners eager to start their learning journey and those looking to deepen their existing knowledge.
  2. Individuals seeking self-discovery, aiming to deepen their understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Our goal is to better understand the Zodiac signs and their manifestations in human psyche.

Hosted by

Alexander Nedoboy (☉♐︎ /☽♍︎ /Asc♌︎)

A practising astrologer. Consults people, writes articles, conducts workshops, and Astro circles.

In his practice, he combines multiple astrological systems with polymodal psychology methods to address the diversity of tasks and clients’ needs.

A proponent of humanistic astrology, with a focus on realising one’s potential and engaging in constructive work, even with the most challenging aspects. A student of the Humanistic School “A Human Being Among People.”

Vafa Vekendra (☉♋︎/☽♎︎/Asc♊︎)

Co-Founder. Resolves issues and facilitates communication. 

A beginner astrologer who has spent the last 2 years studying astrology and supreme archetypes in the humanistic school “Human being among people”. Human life, with all its depth and mystery, is the greatest inspiration for her. Intuition, empathy and curiosity are her main helpers.

How to Participate

The lectures are open: anyone interested can join at any time. Recordings of the lectures are available on the website. Follow our announcements on our social networks or subscribe to our newsletter.

If you have any questions contact us via Email, Telegram or WhatsApp

Price: Free. However, donations are welcome.