Synastric Lilith: or do not expect from your partner what they cannot give

If your planet aligns with your partner’s Lilith, you will find it challenging to achieve closeness and empathy in the spheres of that planet. A sense of detachment, cold calculation, and dissociation will persist.

If Venus is involved, you may perceive your partner as being indifferent to expressions of your love, feelings, and aesthetics.

If it’s the Moon, then you may feel a certain distance and lack of closeness in intimacy and care.

That kind of attitude has subconscious roots and cannot be changed just with a conscious desire. That’s why it’s pointless to demand from your partner what they cannot give. In the spheres of Lilith, your partner may not offer warm empathy, joy, and 100% involvement. However, they can provide coldness and rationality, which can be also beneficial in certain situations.

What to do

Develop what you have: raise the level of collaboration with your partner and constructively use the aspect.

Lilith gives a detached state of consciousness and the ability to perform painful work with a cool head. In the areas of your planet, your partner can act like a surgeon or scientist, helping you develop the principle of this planet in your life.

Lilith’s cold rationality can help you to detach from certain part of yourself and observe it from the distance. First, it may feel unpleasant but with the certain amount of trust, this detachment gives the possibility to make a detail work in your subconscious without painful emotional evolvement.

Other aspects

The same logic goes for any other aspects in your partnership. Do not focus on what you miss, focus on what you can get.

Every partner is given to you by the Universe for a special mission. They show your inner potential and help you to develop new qualities. From this perspective, all synastric aspects are important especially the ones we don’t like.

How to Avoid This

If you don’t want to have a partner whose mission is to help you develop missing qualities, begin to cultivate these qualities on your own. For example, at Sagiplutarium. Then the Universe won’t need to send you anyone to balance you: you will be balanced yourself.