Astrology for awakened

Ongoing series of consultations with some practical exercises in between

Two main struggles of those who woke up:

  1. Finding your ideals and life mission
  2. Adjusting your awakening for the live in society (how to coexist with the people are still sleeping, be useful for the society, manifest your potential and earn money)

We use astrology to help with both of these missions.

Natal chart

In order to find your unique life mission you should understand yourself and your inner potential.

Meet natal chart a map of your life. Encrypted within it is your inner potential, personality traits, and the overall rhythm of your destiny.

We will explore your natal chart as a manual to yourself. Combining it with the methods of polymodal psychology and subtle world.

Personal archetypes and levels of psyche

You find your personal archetypes. In other words ideals, bright stars which guide your through your whole life. We help to find it and describe it in words. And adjust your life in order to follow this archetypes. For that we use the system of 7 subtle bodies, first described by Madam Blavatskaya.

Esoteric knowledge to learn the World

We learn how society operates from the astrological and esoteric perspective. We learn how to work with Egregores, spirits of collectives. Archetypes. We work with inner diplomacy through subpersonalities. We learn who to deal with the world, creating a successful material foundation.

Our goal

Just woke up – Serving the world for the benefits of all being including yourself.


We meet every two weeks, so you have enough (but not too much) time for digesting the information and exploring your own personality. The process of self-discovery is infinite, but I recommend starting with 3 months and then taking a break.

Price: €300/month