Mercury in Scorpio: Words – sharp as swords

🧐 What happened? Mercury has moved to Scorpio.

🗓 When? From October 22nd till November 10th.

🧠 In which areas? Communication, intellection, learning, information, technology, transportation, travel, trade, contracts, planning, organisation, meetings.

🤔 How? The beautiful lacy ball gowns that adorned our speech while Mercury was in Libra have fallen away. Scorpio strips us bare; it doesn’t need embellishments or soft corners. It directs our thoughts to the very essence: to the dark depths where the truth sits hidden. During this time, our thoughts and words become intense, magical, sharp, deep, understanding, sometimes venomous, but always transformative.

👁️ What to do? It’s a time for deep conversations in the dark, long gazes into eyes, and seeing the universe within someone else. Mercury in Scorpio helps us establish a profound connection in communication. Skip the small talk and insincerity. Let’s discuss our deepest fears, desires, and secrets. Scorpio enables us to discuss in detail about subtle and elusive matters. This is the aspect of occult theoreticians, psychologists, and spiritual teachers.

☠️ Opportunity: Scorpio symbolises transformation and death. While Mercury is in Scorpio, we have the chance to burn away our dead and petrified mental constructs. Destructive thoughts that drag you down – now is the time to recognise their true essence and discover the traumas behind them.