Lilith in Virgo: Time to work with surgical precision

🧐 What’s happened? Lilith has moved into Virgo.

🗓️ When? From October 3rd to June 29th, 2024.

🤔 What Does It Mean? There are two perspectives: traditional and advanced.

👹 Traditional View: Lilith is a repository of negative karma, tempting and testing our lower nature. Lilith in Virgo changes the style and focus of temptations. If Lilith in Leo provoked our pride and sense of self-importance, Lilith in Virgo would test us with grubbiness, sloppiness, negligence, and desire for perfectionism.

🧬 Advanced View: Lilith is the apogee of the lunar orbit: a point where the Moon is farthest from Earth. It represents a state of consciousness where we view objects symbolically, detached from essential experiences. This state is the opposite of empathy. Like a scientist exploring insects: interested in their life but devoid of feelings and sympathy. So, as an experiment, they can poke a bug with a needle or cut it into pieces.

In this state, it’s easier to commit evil because we don’t feel other’s pain: in our mind, there is a distance between the object and real life. However, this isn’t Lilith’s sole and fundamental quality. Insensitivity has its advantages: a cool head and a clear mind. That’s why Lilith favours scientists and occultists.

💪 The power of Lilith in Virgo: Lilith in Virgo allows us to perform dirty, sometimes nauseating work – deep cleansing with a cold mind. It enables precise work in highly sensitive places. It’s like a surgeon cutting through the human body, delving into guts, and saving lives. During the operations, a surgeon doesn’t feel empathy for the person in front of them – and therefore can do their work.

It’s a period where we can distance ourselves from emotionally sensitive aspects of life and do unpleasant but important work with high precision. But remember, under Lilith’s influence, we are more protected than the world around us, and therein lies the main danger.

👉 Who does this affect the most? First of all, those who have planets in Virgo. Or important points like Asc or Mc.

Second, those who have Lilith in Virgo in their natal charts will have Lilith return. We would recommend reading more about this position to be prepared.

These are people who were born between:


🤨 So which approach works: traditional or advanced? Surprisingly, both views are valid. Considering the evolutionary level of our society, the traditional view of Lilith as a black mark works reliably, especially in the context of socio-political processes. Lilith, indeed, can tempt and provoke our lower nature. But that’s so because, in the sphere of Lilith, we become insensitive and lose a sense of empathy. However, we can use this detached mindset for constructive work. So we don’t recommend seeing Lilith as pure evil. Just pay attention to it.

☝️ The opposite side: There’s an opposite point to Lilith — the perigee of the lunar orbit. In it, the Moon is closest to Earth. It’s called White Moon or Toma. Lilith and White Moon are better considered together as part of one axis. Lilith symbolises the left hemisphere of the brain: rationalisation, and mental comprehension. Toma represents the right hemisphere: essential experience, and creativity.

However, due to the evolutionary development of humanity, the White Moon has limited influence in transit astrology at the moment. It’s reflected, in fact, that the concept of the White Moon as lunar perigee in English is almost not presented at the moment (do not confuse it with Selena: its place on the Zodiac circle is calculated according to different algorithms).