Alexandr Nedoboy

Hi, I’m a practising astrologer and founder of Sagiplutarium. This is my personal page with all information about myself.

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I consult people, write articles, conduct workshops, and Astro circles. In my practice, I combine multiple astrological systems with polymodal psychology methods to address the diversity of tasks and clients’ needs.

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Astrology: Общая астрология, Примарная, Квантовая, Тетрадическая, Синастрическая, Транзитная, Соляр, Вторичные Прогрессии.

Методы Полимодальной психологии: субличности, тонкие тела, персональные архетипы, высшие архетипы, сферы психики.

🎓 Education

2021-2023 Индивидуальное о обучения у преподавателя гуманитарной школы «Человек среди людей» Ольги Ровной

2023 Курс по Примарной астрологии

2022 Курс по Синастрической астрологии

2022 Курс по Эволюция личности

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  • My thoughts about death

    When I feel bad, when things aren’t going well and I feel lousy, I wonder how hard and painful it would be to die. After all, it only seems so to us – boom! – and you’re gone. Tibetan lamas describe in detail the process of dying, the agony of death, describing the stage-by-stage collapse of the psyche. After death there comes bardo – a state, where you are dragged…

  • Beginning a discipleship

    Last week we celebrated Equinox – the day and night equality, the entering of dark half of the year, when night is longer than day.And on Monday Mercury got retrograde. It’s a good time to make a cup of tea and sum up everything that happened during the last half of the year and prepare ourselves for the second part of an astronomical year. Professional crisis At the beginning of the year I met my first serious profession crisis which…