Sun in Leo

🧐 What’s happened? The Sun has moved into Leo.

🗓 When? From July 23rd till August 23rd.

🤔 How? Let’s rejoice for the Sun as it moves into its native home – Leo, shining in all its royalty. During its time in Cancer, our focus was directed inwards. Now we turn 180 degrees and confidently move towards the external world to conquer and lead it forward! Meanwhile, the external world becomes brighter, clearer, more active, sunny, energetic, and igniting.

This is a time for ambition, expressing hidden intentions, creativity, and play.

👹 Pride challenge: On August 17th, the Sun will conjunct with Lilith. It’s essential not to confuse the Channels of Service. In the energetic frenzy, we might not notice how serving higher ideals subtly switches to serving our lower subconscious programs. That’s when we use creative energy and power, given to us to serve the world, for self-assertion and fulfilling our Ego.

🥳 Don’t forget to congratulate: Your friends who are Leos will have their birthdays soon. Don’t forget to congratulate them and shower them with compliments and gifts! They will be happy and reward you with their radiant energy.