It’s not a bug, it’s a feature: 3 ways to use Mercury Retrograde productively

Mercury Retrograde is not only known for communication problems and disrupting plans. It also throws us back in time.

Problems, that we thought long solved, arise again. Old life themes that we’ve already forgotten about become relevant again. We begin to think and feel the way we used to. Sometimes in this recursion we can go far back in time.

😩 It’s a trouble if we ignore the changing direction of the universe and continue to strive for the future. Then our plans and ideas encounter strong resistance and may not come to fruition at all.

💪 It’s an opportunity If we don’t argue with the universe, but try to sync up with the cosmic rhythms.

Here are three examples of how we can use it to our advantage.

Correct mistakes

Sometimes the course of action we choose in a particular situation is not the best. Perhaps we lack experience or knowledge. But time passes and we learn from mistakes, becoming wiser and more experienced.

Mercury Retrograde brings us back to these situations and gives us an opportunity to turn the tables. We face old problems, but in a new capacity: with new experience, knowledge and skills. What we could not cope with before, we can now.

👉 Anna used to argue with her partner on the same subject. Then the conflict got somehow hushed up, yet never resolved at its root. 

🤪 In Mercury retrograde, conflicts suddenly arise again. 

💪 But with experience, Anna has become wiser. Now she understands the true cause of the conflict and how to behave towards her partner to resolve it harmoniously. Anna finds herself in the old situation, but acts differently.

Consolidate what we’ve learned

We develop, but development is never straightforward. In learning new skills we focus on the essentials and miss the details and subtleties.

Mercury Retrograde brings us back to old lessons: it gives us an opportunity to consolidate what we’ve learned and discover gaps in our learning.

👉 Frederick had problems with deadlines: he couldn’t meet them and deliver projects on time. But then he mastered task management techniques and started handing in all the projects on time. 

🤪 In Mercury retrograde, it’s back to being a mess: Frederick races against the clock, he fails to beat the deadline and risks screwing up a project. 

💪 It’s a stress test: if he can handle a project under Mercury retrograde, he’ll click these situations like peanuts during normal times. He also sees which skills he still needs to pump up to avoid the rush in the future.

Tie up loose ends

Some life situations remain unfinished: they seem to come to naught, but not completely. These can be an unfinished business, unfulfilled plans or unresolved relationships. In the background, these situations are still sucking up our energy.

Mercury Retrograde brings us back to them and gives us the opportunity to finally conclude them and move on.

👉 David and Daisy were close friends and then the connection somehow broke off and they stopped seeing each other.

🤪 During Mercury Retrograde, David gets nostalgic: he constantly thinks of Daisy and the time they spent together. 

💪This means that their story hasn’t ended and there is still energy in the past. David can get in touch with Daisy and have a heart-to-heart talk to draw a line: find out what happened in their relationship, why the strong friendship waned and how the two of them feel about it now.