December 11–17: time to sum up the year

❤️ On Monday, the long-awaited precise sextile between Venus and Mercury occurred, lasting the entire month. From now Venus continues her journey through Scorpio, while Mercury goes back to Sagittarius in retrograde motion. Reflect on your social and cultural life, communication with partners and friends, and new information you’ve learned from the past month.

🧘‍♀️ Until Wednesday: the final days of the lunar cycle + the opposition between Venus and Jupiter, mentioned last week, continues. The energy is reduced, so better avoid starting anything new (especially considering Mercury’s retrograde) and focus on resting. Read our “Moon’s advice on what to do if we do not receive enough care.”

🤪 Wednesday: New Moon in Sagittarius + Mercury officially goes retrograde. A new lunar cycle begins, suitable for wrapping up the year, closing loose ends, and completing old tasks. Jupiter will support Mercury in its retrograde motion until the middle of the next week. This is a good time to sum up the year, considering its retrograde motion and the end of the year. Mercury will be retrograde until January 2.

👁️ The second half of the week: Sun square Neptune. Mystical time with potential challenges in clarifying our intentions: a risk of confusion or idealism impacting practical matters (especially with retrograde Mercury). Use this time to confront spiritual challenges and enhance internal honesty. Without a strong ethical system, falling into illusions and detachment from reality is possible. The exact aspect is on Sunday.

💪 On Friday: Mars trine Chiron. Mars repeats the Sun’s movement from last week. A magical aspect can be described as “Hitting seven with one blow.” If you sense the Universe’s smile, remarkable achievements can be realised in your efforts. The aspect is active from Tuesday.