Astrological Circle

Circles focus on developing basic astro-psychological archetypes in a conversational and playful manner without difficult terminology.

👉 Useful for people unfamiliar with astrology as well as for astrologers

How it goes

We gather together, form a supportive and open space where everyone can freely participate, and engage in conversation. 

What does love mean to us? How do we express our feelings? How do we care for others, and what kind of care do we need? How does transformation happen in our lives? What does it mean for us to be intelligent? What is the connection between philosophy, ethics, criticism, wilted flowers and a worn coat? When is criticism appropriate and when is it destructive?

We share our own experience and listen to others: to encourage self-expression, to broaden our understanding of other people and to adapt others’ experiences to our own life.

The astrologer acts as a guide, facilitating the conversation, asking thought-provoking questions, and offering insights from an astro-psychological perspective. 

Where it goes

Physically: in Berlin
Online: on Zoom

How to participate

Circle is a safe space, that’s why it’s private. However, we are always glad to meet new people.