Astro analysis of personality

Discover your core modalities, growth points, resource origins, directions for personal development, and untapped life areas.

Know Thyself – Master Your Life

Self-awareness is the cornerstone that colors everything through our individual lens. Our personality is a versatile instrument we can play in diverse ways. By knowing oneself, you fathom the world.

Numerous methods and systems exist to describe a personality. Astrology is an integrated system that encompasses all life aspects. A personal system manifests as an individual natal chart based on the objective objects of planetary movement.

What You’ll Uncover

👉 Core Modalities: How do I live? What do I build upon? Where is my foundation? What do I pursue in life? Where am I heading? Who am I?

👉 Growth Points: What are my talents? Where do I tap into internal resources? Where should my focus lie to excel?

👉 Directions for Development: Which qualities of mine need refinement? What aspects must I fix to enhance life? What should I pay attention to? What self-development obstacles exist?

👉 Hidden Territories: Which promising life areas have I yet to explore? Where can I find additional space for growth? What could work for me but remains unexplored?


First, we analyse your natal chart. The natal chart shows potential, but it is realised gradually. At a specific point in time, you have different accents and levels of chart development. Therefore, we must clarify your position on the natal chart and determine your life circumstances. To do this, we will ask you to fill out a questionnaire and conduct an interview with you.

Questionnaire to clarify your position on the natal chart and determine your life circumstances.


Once we gather all the necessary information about your personality and life circumstances, we’ll analyse your character using various astro-psychological methods.

We’ll create a concise report that captures key points from the four explored dimensions: your foundational modalities, growth areas, developmental directions, and hidden territories. This report serves as the essence of our analysis, thoughtfully designed for future reference.


During the two-hour consultation, we unpack our report and discuss its findings. The goal of the consultation is to emphasize certain points, fine-tune formulations, and transform keywords into insights.

You’re free to ask any questions. The consultation can be recorded, but not shared publicly.


Polymodal Personality Portrait: A multifaceted view of yourself.

Integrality: Built upon Astrology, an all-encompassing system covering various life domains.

Personalization: Rooted in the natal chart, with additional focus on your current position.

Depth and Longevity: Emphasizing potential and strategic levels, rather than surface elements. Revisit as needed.

Clarity: Validates what you already know and illuminates hidden aspects.

Foundation for Further Self-Discovery

Occult Knowledge: Astrology is part of an ancient tradition of hidden knowledge.