November 13–19

😎 Sagittarius Season. The coolest, most positive, philosophical, and optimistic season begins – the season of Sagittarius. The Sun moves into Sagittarius on Wednesday, followed by Mars on Friday.

👉 Sextile of Pluto. If you are involved in global processes and feel connected to planetary trends, you can take advantage of the sextile of the Sun and Mars to Pluto. Tune into the energies of transformation, purification, and total honesty, and your work will progress in a more constructive manner. The aspect is active all week.

😔 Square of Saturn. The Sun and Mars move into Sagittarius forming squares with Saturn. For those who manifested their intentions last week, the Square of Saturn will highlight weaknesses and areas that need further development. According to Saturn, external obstacles and limitations indicate the need to look inward – to sort out one’s intentions and values. Starting new ventures during the square of Saturn is not recommended. This aspect will be felt throughout this and the following week. The exact aspect to the Sun is on Thursday, and to Mars on Saturday.

❤️ Love triangle. Until the end of the week, there is a love triangle between Mercury, Venus, and Chiron. We can face absurdities, inconsistencies, and dead-end situations in social interactions. Their purpose is to break the pattern of conventional thinking and look at the situation from a new, unusual angle. An open mind and clear communication will help find a way out of deadlocks (and, if you are lucky, formulate miracles in understandable words). The exact aspect occurs on Tuesday and Wednesday.