November 13–19

🌋 On Monday: Explosive New Moon! Scorpio + Mars + Uranus opposition = 💥 It could be tense or exciting but definitely emotionally charged. No more words – you feel it yourself.

🦂 All week: Mars and the Sun continue their journey through Scorpio. During this period, intentions turn into actions immediately. Great time to materialise your plans, whether on your own or with the help of magic and manifestation power. The exact conjunction is on Saturday. But there are two things to consider:

🤬 Until Friday: the Sun and Mars oppose Uranus, bringing chaos, unpredictability, and potential emergencies. Stay calm and avoid reacting to provocations, especially when emotions are heightened.

🪄 From Wednesday: a harmonious trine forms between the Sun-Mars and Neptune. Neptune dissolves our usual reality, revealing the hidden essence of things (or leading us into a world of dreams and fantasies). This is a time when the impossible is not just possible but the only existing truth. The exact aspect is on Friday.

👉 In short. If you’re using this time for manifesting your desires, better align with Neptune’s compassionate and merciful energy. Otherwise, prepare 🧯🦺⛑️ for possible Uranus’ surprises. The outcomes of your manifestations will become apparent next week during the square aspect between the Sun-Mars and Saturn.

🧐 What else? Mercury in Sagittarius in sextile to Venus in Libra. If last week’s Saturn square didn’t dampen your enthusiasm for philosophical discussions or debating on global issues, then do it politely and with consideration for your social circle. The aspect works until mid-December.