Venus, Mars and Lilith: exploring Love and Sexuality with scalpel

🧐 What’s happening? Venus, Mars, and Lilith are forming a stellium.

🗓️ When? From June 21st to July 9th.

🤔 How? Classical astrologers would say: terribly. They are afraid of Lilith. It is called the Black Moon and attributed many negative qualities. Modern astrologers disagree with that.

😎 Modern astrologers don’t see anything inherently bad about Lilith. Lilith is a point on the Moon’s orbit where Moon is farthest from Earth. Lilith symbolises a state of mind when we perceive an object in isolation and without emotional involvement.

This is the view of a scientist who considers the world as an object of cognition, without identifying with it. Or a surgeon, who perceives a person on the operating table as a material body, but not as a sensual being with all of their feelings and pain.

Lilith gives a sense of anesthesia. In this state, one can do many nasty things. That’s why classical astrologers fear Lilith. However, this state can also be used constructively: to explore sensitive matters with cold mind.

❤️‍🔥 What does it mean for Venus and Mars? These are gender planets that traditionally symbolize the male and female principles in a person. This is love, feelings, beauty, sensuality, strength, ambition, sexuality, passion, masculinity, femininity. As you know, these topics are quite sensitive and complex. Thousands of therapists make their living thanks to that.

Conjunction with Lilith provides an opportunity to approach these matters from a different perspective. It’s like using a scalpel to remove layers of gender and cultural sediment, to reach the level of pure energy.

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