Venus in Virgo: Devil in the details

🧐 What happens? Venus has moved to Virgo.

🗓 When? From October 9th until November 8th.

❤️ In which areas? Social interactions, relationships, aesthetics, beauty, art, culture, perception, feelings, joy.

🤔 How? After experiencing a lively four-month transit of Venus through Leo—marked by dancing and some crying—we finally enter the Virgo phase. This transition may feel like a hangover after a wild party. Or like a welcome sobering up and returning to normal life.

Virgo greets us somewhat reproachfully, as Venus in Virgo sees all the details and roughness of our appearance. But let’s not take offence to Virgo; instead, let’s learn from her. Venus in Virgo well understands the phrase “Devil in the details.” This is a time to be precise, pay attention to details, and be meticulous in relationships, appearance, and beauty. Showing up for a date in unironed clothes is a crime for Venus in Virgo.

👀 What to expect? During this period, the perception of love becomes more practical and down-to-earth. It’s time to express love through acts of service and find the beauty in everyday life. However, Venus in Virgo can also bring a critical element into our relationships. We may start to notice more imperfections and flaws in our partners. It is important to remember that details are part of the whole, which Virgo sometimes forgets.

During this period, our mission is to learn to appreciate the harmony and unity within the whole, even with some of its imperfect parts.

💎 Find support in sensations. Venus moves into Virgo with some challenging aspects: a conjunction with Lilith opposing Saturn. But then Venus finally makes harmonious trines with Jupiter and Uranus, activating the supportive power of Earth.

October is a challenging month: If it gets too intense, ground yourself in the concrete and tangible with the help of art, beauty, decoration, tactile sensations and cuddling.