Venus in Scorpio: Love to kill for

🧐 What happens? Venus is entering Scorpio.

🗓 When? From December 4th to December 29th.

❤️ In which areas? Social interactions, relationships, aesthetics, beauty, art, culture, perception, feelings, joy.

🤔 How? Penetratingly, deeply, and sensually. We are stepping into the realm of Scorpio’s love, and here, there are its own rules (for our own safety). The magnetic intensity of emotions leads us into absolute darkness. There, we, completely bare, feel another person’s heart. Be careful: with that level of intimacy, feelings become dangerous.

🫦 Femme fatale. Venus in Scorpio is in a detriment. Venus symbolises harmony, while Scorpio tends to test the boundaries. Scorpio’s astral vibrations are too strong and intense to be easily harmonised in socially accepted forms. The symbol of Venus in Scorpio is a femme fatal from noir movies: a dame to kill for (or to be killed by). However, Scorpio unveils layers of sensuality that other signs may not even suspect. It’s a time for love that turns everything inside out: long gazes into each other’s eyes, intimacy on the edge of a blade and sexual tension in the air.

👁️ What to do? Venus in Scorpio encourages us to embrace the transformative power of deep emotional connection: to perceive another person like yourself and express your feelings as sharply and honestly as possible. Leave small talk and excessive politeness behind – it’s time to FEEL.

While Venus is in Scorpio, we may become more sensitive, passionate, and jealous. What has been hidden in our relationships may surface: try not to go into Scorpio’s hysterics, but channel this energy towards transforming your relationships. And, of course, dress in a gothic style and explore the secret nightlife of your city.

👉 Life Quests. Venus in Scorpio brings us a few missions.

  • Set a goal to explore and understand your emotional boundaries, express sincerity, and uncover new levels of intimacy in your relationships.
  • Use this time to appreciate art and culture on a deeper level, paying attention to the emotional impact of art on you.
  • Don’t forget to add a touch of passion and sensuality to your life by exploring new aspects of your own sexuality and bringing them into your relationships.