Venus in Libra: Beauty will save the world

🧐 What happened? Venus has moved to Libra.

🗓 When? From November 8th till December 4th

❤️ In which areas? Social interactions, relationships, aesthetics, beauty, art, culture, perception, feelings, joy.

🤔 How? Gracefully. Libra is Venus’s home, a place where elegant dinners with perfectly set tables are common, and guests are courteous and well-mannered, each familiar with the social etiquette of their circle. Venus in Libra is refined and during this period, it calls us to emulate its elegance. Imagine a ballroom dance where grace and charm are intertwined in a celestial waltz, inviting us to glide with finesses through the realms of love, beauty, and harmony.

🌸 Culture time. Venus is the planet of joy, and in Libra, it finds pure happiness. Thus, all Venusian themes are amplified and take on a special grace. It’s a time to savour beauty and cultural life: to visit galleries, keep up with the latest exhibitions, and go on beautiful dates. Dates during this time are elegant and sophisticated like those from romantic books and movies.

Surround yourself with beauty during this period, and it will ennoble your soul. This advice is always relevant, but it’s particularly effective when Venus is in Libra.

🤝 Harmonising Relationships. Venus in Libra makes us more tactful and polite, turning us into masters of small talk in the very best sense. This influence can help smooth over any rough edges in social interactions, especially while Scorpio’s intensity dominates the skies.

Until mid-December, Venus is in sextile with Mercury. Thought and perception support each other: in communication, rely on feelings, and in matters of the heart, engage your mind.