Venus in Leo: express love when the whole world is burning

🧐 What happens? Venus is moving to Leo.

🗓 When? From June 5th till October 9th.

❤️ In which areas? Social interactions, relationships, aesthetics, beauty, art, culture, perception, feelings, joy.

🤔 How? This is a challenging year for Venus in Leo. Venus, following Mars, moves into Leo in opposition to Pluto. Then, during all of this period Venus squares Jupiter and Uranus, while moving back and forth in retrograde motion.

👉 Translation: We can feel the Global tension with our own senses. Don’t be scared if this happens: it’s a hot time right now. In the spheres of Venus, we might need to put in extra effort, exercise patience, and adopt unconventional approaches. It is also possible to encounter sudden, pattern-breaking incidents.

🦁 What is Venus in Leo normally? It is expressive, bright, visible, artistic, playful, proud and generous. Venus in Leo loves grand gestures to demonstrate one’s feelings. It admires unique individuality and gorgeous attributes that help one to stand out from the crowd. But make sure that you give enough attention to them because for Venus in Leo, adoration and respect are essential.

💪 Enough time to learn: Venus stays in Leo for four months. Along with the challenging aspects, this is an excellent opportunity to connect with the Leo archetype: to learn how to express your love when the whole world is burning.