Venus becomes retrograde

🧐 What happens? Venus goes retrograde.

🗓 When? From July 23rd until September 4th.

❤️ In which areas? Social interactions, relationships, aesthetics, beauty, art, culture, perception, feelings, joy.

🤔 What does it mean? Literally, it means that Venus is moving backwards through the Zodiac. It revisits the same positions and aspects it had before.

Symbolically, this signifies three things: the Venus principle in our lives is emphasized; Venus doesn’t function as usual; unresolved issues from the past may resurface.

❌ What’s better not to do? Avoid making significant changes or starting new things in areas governed by Venus. Refrain from changing your appearance, making expensive purchases, starting new romances, getting married, or undergoing aesthetic treatments. Later, these actions might be reversed.

✅ What to do? Address unresolved matters. Deal with difficulties in relationships that have been postponed for a while. Be prepared for potential challenges and surprises in the realm of social contacts, partnerships, and love. Explore the Venus principle – it’s a good time to delve into this topic seriously.

😳 I’m changing jobs during this period. Will everything be bad? No, Venus retrograde only relates to the areas it governs. They are mentioned above. It affects your profession only if your natal MC is in Taurus or Libra.

👁️ Who will feel it the most? Those with a strong Venus influence in their birth chart. If Venus rules or is placed in the ascendant or MC, or has many aspects.

👉 Important periods: from July 29th to August 13th, a square aspect with Uranus: unexpected and unpredictable events are possible. Immediately after that and until the end of August, square with Jupiter: challenges due to the expansion of Venus-related areas.