Sun in Scorpio: emotions and transformation

🧐 What happens? The Sun moves into Scorpio.

🗓 When? From October 23rd till November 22nd.

🤔 How? Emotionally, passionately, and sexually. A period of etheric and astral energies begins: we descend into the world of sensations, feelings, and passions. Scorpio season is the most mysterious and magical time of the year. It’s a time to live and a time to die, with a particular emphasis on the latter. Scorpio teaches us life’s deepest mysteries in its own style: it’s like licking honey off a knife’s edge.

🩸 What to do? Engage in the Subtle realm: self-awareness, theoretical science, psychotherapy, magic, rituals, and ceremonies. Scorpio represents Water in the phase of Realisation: this denotes consistent work with the internal and the hidden. Scorpio urges us to delve deep into the core and not be afraid of darkness: neither external nor internal. There, in the darkness, our deepest fears and desires await – the main sustenance for Scorpio. By recognising our profound motives, we can transform them into spiritual purity.

🕳️ Samhain and the Eclipse Gateway: On October 31st, we celebrate Samhain – one of the Wheel of the Year holidays popularly known as Halloween. We transition from the light part of the year to the dark, from summer to winter, from warmth to cold. The question of resources arises: have we gathered enough light, energy, and life during the summer to endure the dark winter? This is a time to review all available resources and replenish what is lacking.

At the same time, the eclipse gateway will close: something will remain in this gateway forever.

🦂 Pronounced Scorpio: This year, the influence of Scorpio is strongly manifested with Mars, the Sun, and Mercury all present in Scorpio at the same time. Scorpio season is the most honest time: it’s a meeting with yourself as you truly are. It’s a time to explore your inner world and, by changing yourself, change the surrounding reality. Use this time wisely.