Sun in Sagittarius: The most inspiring season

🧐 What happened? Sun moved to Sagittarius.

🗓 When? From November 22nd till December 22nd.

🤔 How? Hooray, the best time of the year is upon us. Fiery arrows are flying in all directions, we can’t sit still, adventures call – the Sun is moving into Sagittarius! Sagittarius, governed by Jupiter, bestows upon us a broad festival of opportunities, luck, and enthusiasm. This is a time for expansion: exploring the world, discovering new energetic channels, engaging in philosophy and building profound knowledge. The Sun in Sagittarius is the aspect of spiritual teachers, religious leaders, and creators of new systems.

🔥 What to do? Ignite the spark of divine fire in people’s hearts with your arrows. Sagittarius is the main idealist of the Zodiac, who may err in details but rarely misses the essence. Rise to the height of your ideals, and let them illuminate your life path. Bring grace to the world and fill this materialistic society with spiritual energy, enthusiasm, and the power of High Ideas! The Sagittarius season is a time for expanding possibilities. As the ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter clearly indicates that resources are limitless: one needs to step outside the flat mental constructs and open the mind to the Bigger picture.

🎯 Foundation in ideas, focus on practice. In realising your plans, find inspiration in high ideals, taste the flow of grace, but focus on practice. Sagittarius soars in the clouds but looks at the Earth. Without practice, ideas remain just empty words and meaningless declarations.

🥳 Holiday time. While the Sun travels through Sagittarius, there’s a sense of festivity in the air – people are preparing for Christmas, summing up the year, and shaping their future aspirations. In that magical time, embrace your best qualities – generosity, broad-mindedness, and optimism. Remember, the real gift is love and attention, not what they try to sell us during Black Friday.

👉 Life Quests. Sun in Sagittarius gives us one mission for this period:

Just do it! Do whatever you want to do. Don’t wait. Don’t doubt. Don’t put it off until tomorrow. Tomorrow may not come. Just do it right now. Be yourself and follow your unique path. Find inspiration in what you love and inspire others. Don’t listen to anyone who says it’s not possible. When you follow your life mission, everything is possible.