Sun in Cancer

🧐 What’s happening? The Sun is moving into Cancer. This transit is traditionally celebrated as the Summer Solstice.

🗓 When? From June 21 to July 23.

🤔 How? Cozy, caring, mysterious, deep. Our focus shifts inwards. Cancer deepens our perception, connects us with nature and Mother archetype, creates a sense of warmness and intimacy in the air.

This is the time of profound perception and the birth of Subtlety. Emotions abound, and tears fall like a July downpour, moistening the earth and nurturing the sprouts of all-encompassing wonder in human life.

Cancer, ruled by the Moon, urges us to slow down. Take time to be with family and get enough rest. Its motto: look inward, embrace solitude, accept your vulnerability, and reconnect with your True Self.

☀️ Summer Solstice is celebrated in many folk traditions. Modern occultists consider this day an important holiday in the Wheel of the Year. It is believed that this day is particularly effective for magic because our manifestation power increases.

🔥 At Sagiplutarium, we do not practice magical thinking. Instead of focusing on the desires, we recommend to open up to the world and trust your True Self.