November 27–3

🌕 On Monday, Full Moon. Today is the Full Moon in Gemini. The Sun remains conjunct with Mars, but now we have a square with Saturn instead of the opposition to Uranus as at the New Moon two weeks ago. Instead of unpredictability and chaos, we can feel the heaviness of existence and the need for patience. The theme of this Full Moon: balancing action and communication with the help of empathy.

Attention to communication: there is the square between Mercury and Neptune 👇

😶‍🌫️ The first half of the week: Mercury in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces. The square aspect between Sagittarius and Pisces is the most mysterious one. Be careful with promises and plans – keeping your word might be harder than you think. Communication may become riddled with deception, inaccuracies, dark spots, and emotionality. The meaning of this aspect is to verbalise the secret, hidden, and spiritual. It’s challenging, but the effect is worth it. The exact aspect is on Monday during the Full Moon.

🌱 All week: Venus conjuncts the South Node. It’s a time to add foundation to Venusian spheres: to deepen your partnership and invest in future harmony. Sow the seeds of love that will grow into a flourishing garden of happiness. There might be retrograde tendencies and conservatism in tastes or views on relationships and social norms. Better keep a balance between tradition and innovation. The exact aspect is on Tuesday.

❤️ At the end of the week: a so-called Talent Triangle – Mercury and Venus in harmonious aspects to Saturn. Saturn shares their experience, wisdom, and depth. If the aspect of Chiron last week created dead ends, now is the time to draw conclusions and learn lessons. The harsh square of Pluto to Venus emphasises the inevitability of this process.

♑️ On Friday, Mercury moves into Capricorn: instead of ideals, we’ll be talking about careers.