Mercury is Retrograde Again

🧐 What’s happening? Mercury is changing its direction and becoming retrograde. This time in Virgo.

🗓 When? From August 23rd to September 15th.

🧠 In which areas? Communication, intellection, learning, information, technology, transportation, travel, commerce/trade, contracts, planning, organisation, meetings.

🤔 How? Communication difficulties and misunderstandings; technical malfunctions; delays in public transport, trains and planes; contract issues; delays in plans and events; plan changes; inaccuracies and mistakes; interruptions in mobile or internet connections; review of past matters.

❌ What not to do? Do not start projects that you don’t want to mess up, do not sign contracts, do not plan, do not buy tickets and electronic devices, do not make promises.

✅ What to do? Finish old unfinished tasks; retrospect: think of what happened in the last three months; get some rest; sort things out.

😱 Is Venus retrograde too? Yes, now both feelings and mind are going in reverse. But Mars is direct, and the Sun is in Virgo. So, better to work than talk 😉