Mercury in Virgo: organising & categorising

🧐 What happened? Mercury has moved to Virgo.

🗓 When? From July 28th till October 5th

🧠 In which areas? Communication, intellection, learning, information, technology, transportation, travel, trade, contracts, planning, organization, meetings.

🤔 How? Our passionate and fervent speeches calm down as Mercury moves from Leo to Virgo. Virgo has no time for fiery speeches; they are busy. Virgo has so much to do, consider, read, watch, organize, and learn! How to find time for all of it?

Our mind becomes more practical and task-oriented. It’s a time for organizing information and categorizing it: making lists, all forms of sorting, time management and planning, creating to-do lists.

📚 Retrograde Mercury: Mercury will spend much more time in Virgo than it usually does in other signs. This will happen because on August 23, Mercury will go retrograde again.

Use this period to clean up your past. Delete unnecessary contacts and old photos, discard unnecessary notebooks from university and school days, sort important documents, and respond to all messages.