Mercury in Sagittarius: Expanding horizons

🧐 What happened? Mercury moved to Sagittarius.

🗓 When? From November 10th till December 1st.

🧠 In which areas? Communication, learning, information, technology, transportation, trade, contracts, planning, organisation, meetings.

🤔 How? Optimistically and broadly, but not very accurately. Mercury is in detriment in Sagittarius: our mind tends to focus on grand and abstract ideas that are hard to put into words. This is a time for philosophical discussions, debating on global issues and complex ethical dilemmas, and exploring spiritual teachings. It’s an aspect of the academics, philosophers, and spiritual gurus.

🤩 Expand your horizons. During this time, our words may sound a bit preachy. That’s because Mercury in Sagittarius relies more on knowing than on analytical thinking. We might feel a strong urge to give priceless unsolicited advice and teach others how to live their life. Of course, if you are as charismatic as Sagittarius, you can do that almost safely (at least for yourself). But better do the opposite: expand your horizons by learning from others and adopting new ideas. The further and more unfamiliar these ideas are, the greater their potential to enrich your life experience.

🎯 Sextile with Venus. Venus in Libra will help you share your thoughts with greater precision. When you speak, lean on your intuition and a subtle sense of beauty. Instead of being blunt, carefully select words that resonate with your specific audience, considering their social background and cultural characteristics. The aspect works until mid-December.

👉 Life Quests. Mercury in Sagittarius gives us two missions for this period:

1. Expand your information channels: explore a new topic, read a book in a different genre, subscribe to unfamiliar bloggers, watch a YouTube channel you would never watch normally, or talk to someone from a different social circle or foreign country.

2. Describe your life ideals: what inspires you? What do you aspire to? What serves as a guiding star in your life? What would you fight for?