Mercury in Libra: Words as beautiful as flowers

🧐 What’s happened? Mercury has moved to Libra.

🗓 When? From October 5th till October 22nd.

🧠 In which areas? Communication, intellection, learning, information, technology, transportation, travel, trade, contracts, planning, organisation, meetings.

🤔 How? Light and charming. Our minds relax from the endless tasks of Virgo: our thoughts are lighter, more carefree, and not so practically directed. Mercury feels very comfortable in Libra. Libra’s influence can infuse our words with charm, grace, tact, and diplomacy. Our thoughts and words move in harmony: swirling, flying, and gently landing in a dance, as if at a fancy dress party. They even seem to be dressed in beautiful attire. Enjoy the beauty of your well-articulated thoughts.

⚖️ Superpower: Mercury in Libra can assess a situation from all possible angles and weigh all its aspects. This quality is very useful in the modern world, torn by polar opinions, where everyone is sure of their rightness (hello, Aries!). The ability to see different perspectives opens the way to cooperation and spiritual development. After all, from an absolute point of view, all manifestations of the relative reality are equally unreal, so why fight?

🤝 What to do? Libra creates a social context for our thinking and communication. This period can help us make new connections and smooth the rough edges of our existing relationships. It’s a time for analysing and discussing art in the company of people with similar interests.