Mercury in Cancer

🧐 What happened? Mercury has moved to Cancer.

🗓 When? From June 27th to July 11th.

🧠 In which areas? Communication, intellection, learning, information, technology, transportation, travel, trade, contracts, planning, organization, meetings.

🤔 What does it mean? It’s time to talk about the innermost.

🦀 How? Mercury in Cancer is not as fast and agile as it is in Gemini. It attempts to express what is beyond mental constructs: feelings, essential experiences, deep attitudes, and aspirations of the soul. This is a challenging task. That is why Mercury in Cancer often chooses to remain silent until the words have brewed in the inner cauldron of thoughts and emotions.

Compared to Gemini, Mercury in Cancer loses its clarity and informativeness, but speech becomes more figurative and poetic. This is a time for poetry and heartfelt conversations.

🗝️ Words as keys: Mental constructs cannot fully convey the vastness of human existence. However, carefully chosen words can serve as keys to understanding the human soul. They can unlock doors to constructive work with one’s subconscious.