Mars in Virgo

🧐 What’s happened? Mars has moved to Virgo.

🗓 When? From July 10th till August 27th.

🥊 In which areas? Energy, action, strength, aggression, ambition, competition, athleticism, passion, masculinity.

🤔 How? We can exhale: Mars has left Leo. There will be a bit less intensity and recklessness in our life. The Leo’s grandeur and desire to do everything at once are replaced by a million small tasks, each requiring the meticulousness inherent to Virgo.

Working with scrupulousness and attention to detail is not easy, because Mars symbolizes force and action. And increased energy does not contribute to attentiveness and meticulousness. By learning how to precisely navigate energy, we can unlock the secret to high productivity.

Be careful: Virgo believes that each completed task brings them closer to the goal, while Mars provides the energy to do so without questioning. However, it is important not to lose sight of the big picture and become bogged down in details. We can’t do everything under the sun, but Virgo keeps trying.

💪 What to do? Go through your to-do list and finally complete those tasks that you have been putting off for months. It’s also a great opportunity to declutter and do a deep cleaning at your home. Things won’t get done on their own.