Mars in Scorpio: Be careful with magical power

🧐 What happened? Mars has moved to Scorpio.

🗓 When? From October 12th to November 24th.

🥊 In which areas? Energy, action, strength, aggression, ambition, competition, athleticism, passion, masculinity, sexuality.

🤔 How? Intensely and passionately — Mars is its domicile. Ideally, Mars in Scorpio represents a very powerful and precisely directed force. It’s an aspect of wizards, shamans, psychotherapists and emergency personnel. In practice, it often manifests as rage: blind force driven by emotions.

Our strength becomes intuitive, delving deep to transform what’s hidden there. Emotions intensify, and the astral plane becomes more perceptible. Our life force and sexual energy increase. But be cautious: Mars in Scorpio can also make us more aggressive. Throwing punches is unlikely, but hissing and releasing venom is very much in Scorpio’s nature. Direct this deadly venom towards your lower programs of the subconscious.

👁️ What to do? It’s a time of transformation, active psychological work, and purification of all subtle planes, especially the astral one. Mars in Scorpio helps us focus our energies in one direction. But keep in mind: Mars in Scorpio demands surgical precision. It’s easier to destroy than to transform. With great power comes great responsibility.