Mars in Sagittarius: Multi-stream energy flow

🧐 What’s happened? Mars has moved into Sagittarius.

🗓 When? From the 24th of November until the 4th of January.

🥊 In which areas? Energy, action, strength, aggression, ambition, competition, athleticism, passion, masculinity.

🤔 How? Passionately, boldly, with enthusiasm! The fiery mix of Mars and Sagittarius is so potent that it can energise us with warmth for the entire upcoming winter. The keywords for the period are ‘Multi-stream energy flow’. Mars in Sagittarius is like a gas burner with many flames—if one channel extinguishes, the adjacent ones will ignite it. During this period, find inspiration in ambitious ideas to realise your grandest and bravest intentions. But be cautious not to let your inner fire manifest as rudeness or aggression. Mars in Sagittarius symbolises martial arts masters, generals, and professional adventurers like Indiana Jones.

💪 What to do? Take action! This is a very active and energetic time. Whatever you do, don’t think small: act broadly and confidently. Engage in sports, or even better, multiple types of sports. Look into what you’ve wanted to do for a long time but have been postponing—Sagittarius will fill you with enthusiasm for it. Sagittarius also awakens in us a love of freedom and a passion for adventure. Direct your energy towards expanding your horizons: travel, discover new cultures, go on adventures —Sagittarius approves of this!

👉 Life Quests. The mission for the period of Mars in Sagittarius: learn to work with energy. Engage in energy practices or martial arts: Qigong, Tai Chi, Karate.

A more down-to-earth mission: learn true multitasking based on diverse energy channels and manage multiple projects simultaneously.