Mars in Libra: Bringing harmony with a single strike

🧐 What’s happening? Mars has shifted into Libra.

🗓 When? From August 27th to October 12th.

🥊 In which areas? Energy, action, strength, aggression, ambition, competition, athleticism, passion, masculinity.

🤔 How? You can exhale now: there’s no longer that immense pile of work that was there while Mars was in Virgo. Now our efforts are directed towards a more refined sphere: social connections, communication, partnership, aesthetics. We’re building partnerships, working on expanding our social circles, and actively nurturing our sense of beauty.

But it’s not all that simple. The vigorous energy of Mars in the sign of Libra is dispersed into endless consideration and harmonisation: we become indecisive. Libra is not about direct brute force, which Mars so loves. Therefore, Mars in Libra is traditionally considered a detriment. Yet, there’s another extreme to consider: inappropriate, overly active actions that disrupt delicate harmony.

⚖️ What to do? Libra is a sign of balance, equilibrium, and fairness. Mars in Libra may urge us to try to establish balance with one powerful move. But that’s not how it works. During this period, we must learn to act more delicately. It’s the art of concentrating energy in the lightest of touches.