Love from a spiritual perspective

The Introductory lecture to our course on love & relationships: Me, You and our Couple Egregore.

We recommend watching it on 1.5x speed.

Love from a spiritual perspective

The reason for the partnership. We need a partner to accomplish a certain mission, which we cannot do alone.

Love is a sign of a shared mission. It shows our connection to another person, group of people or archetype.

Love is the force, which connects and holds us together. So we have time to fulfil our mission.

The connection is facilitated by Couple Egregore. It is a spirit of partnership, which resides on a subtle level. We can deal with this spirit to understand our mission, and to make our relationship, and our interactions better.

The Couple Egregore can change our state of mind. Sometimes in quite strong way. Like falling in love, for example.

Love is a powerful drug. It’s a mechanism of changing our state of mind to force us to accomplish our mission. We can get addicted to it and have the desire to consume the energy of love for our own pleasure.

Love is given to us for a limited amount of time. Then it can come to an end. During this time we can fulfil our mission and our relationship will naturally be over. Or we can consume love, and not work on our mission, which will be disappointing and emotionally challenging.

Love is a force for spiritual development. In teenage time it helps us expand our consciousness: to overcome the ego-centric model of reality and perceive another person as equal. Astrologically speaking, it means to develop the 7th house.

In Astrology Venus and Neptune symbolise different aspects of love. Venus is socially-oriented love. Neptune is unconditional love.

Mission of partnership

“Mission” is a term of Western Spiritual tradition. Easter ones use the term “shared karma” instead.

All missions can be divided into three levels: short-term, long-term and life-long. All of them are valid and are parts of each other. But we are interested in life-long missions.

Evolutionary development is our main life mission from Spiritual perspective. Our partners help us to raise the level of our consciousness by teaching us, changing us and accepting us.

The teaching is done on the material of our life. All external events are just a playground for that. We are usually focused on daily events, but from our subconscious perspective, they are not so important.

Partnership is hard work: we must change ourselves, develop new qualities and assist our partner in doing the same. The context of partnership makes it difficult to avoid this work. That’s why there is a phrase in India that falling in love is bad luck.

In Western society we perceive love as a gift and pleasure. This belief can be a reason for misfortune in love, by creating false expectations.

Introduction to Course: Me, You and our Couple Egregore

This lecture is part of a month-long course on relationships based on astro-psychology.

In the course we explore the image of a partner within our own individuality. Learn to identify foundational modalities of our psyche for better communication. Get acquainted with the mystical concept of Couple Egregore, a spirit of the relationship.

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