Intense time again: Jupiter, Pluto, Mars, and Moon Nodes are in conflict

🧐 What’s happening? Jupiter, Pluto, Mars, and Moon Nodes are forming Grand Cross. That’s a pattern when four planets are all separated from each other by Square aspects.

🗓 When? 15.05-30.05

🤔 What does it mean? Jupiter symbolizes law and society, Mars represents activity and aggression, Pluto represents transformation and totality, and Moon nodes represent the direction of societal development. All these planets are in conflict with each other. 

This aspect creates the potential for increased geopolitical instability, intensified military actions, deepening economic crises, and the adoption of harsh laws.

💊 An antidote to worries: These are mundane aspects that affect the entire world. We may feel their effects indirectly: through the atmosphere, the news, rising inflation, or new laws that affect all citizens, including ourselves.

They will only have a direct negative impact on our lives if they are linked directly to our individual natal chart.

🌱 Is anything good happening? Yes. Mars, Neptune, and the Sun are forming a harmonious and creative figure – Minor Grand Trine. It is a good time to materialize our inner potential: to give material form for love, compassion, care, and sensitivity. This could be an art piece or just a sincere hug to someone we love.

👉 Formulate beliefs: During times of global instability, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of our values and beliefs. This helps reduce the likelihood of being swept away by waves of hatred and aggression.

Now is a good time to ask ourselves: what is truly valuable in our lives? What do we believe in? What ethical system do we adhere to? What principles do we rely on?