Eclipse Gateway: Life as the “Twin Peaks” series

🧐 What happened? We are entering the eclipse gateway period.

🗓 When? Solar eclipse – October 14th. Lunar eclipse – October 28th.

🤔 What does it mean? The eclipse gateway is the period between two eclipses — solar and lunar. It’s a time of altered state of mind and a mysterious vibe. Eclipses are directly linked to the axis of the Lunar nodes: hence, it’s believed to be a time for the return of karmic debts and laying the foundation for our future. A solar eclipse always occurs during a New Moon, while a lunar eclipse occurs during a Full Moon. That’s why the Eclipse Gateway usually spans over two weeks, with a few days added before and after.

🙂 How does it manifest? For individuals, the influence of the eclipse gateway is overestimated. An eclipse isn’t fateful and doesn’t play a significant role unless the eclipse aligns with crucial points in the natal chart: such as conjunctions with planets. In all other cases, the eclipse gateway feels like an unusual state of consciousness: reality appears to warp, much like a psychedelic experience; everything becomes mystical and significant. It seems as if we’ve become characters in the “Twin Peaks” series. Sometimes a lunar eclipse can cause unpleasant, oppressive feelings that are hard to diagnose.

🌍 What does it mean for the world? Unlike individuals, the eclipse gateway is an essential period in mundane astrology, marking a crisis point in the year. The eclipse gateway is a pivotal time when various triggers can set off irreversible societal and geopolitical processes. If something in global affairs can go wrong, the eclipse gateway is likely to reveal it.

😬 Is it true that everything done during an eclipse has fateful consequences? We don’t know for sure, but from an astrological perspective, this isn’t confirmed. Fateful events must be reflected in personal charts. If the eclipses don’t touch sensitive points in the natal chart, then no fateful event occurs. But if one of the eclipses conjunct with a planet in your natal chart, the eclipse indeed has a chance to become a turning point in your biography.

🔮 Can you do a magical ritual during an eclipse? Yes, in esoteric traditions, magical practices during eclipses are popular. It’s believed that during an eclipse, the nature of reality becomes more refined and more susceptible to magical influence, greatly amplifying the potential of ritual actions. So, if you want to manifest your desire or rewrite your destiny/subconsciousness, eclipses are indeed the right time. But be careful with your wishes: it’s said, that when God wants to punish a person, He grants their wishes.

👉 How will the eclipse gateway manifest for me personally? To find out, you need to overlay the eclipse’s natal chart onto your birth chart. Look for two things: are there aspects between the eclipse and the planets in your natal chart, and which houses do they fall into? Most likely, the themes of these houses will become relevant for you during the eclipse gateway period and the next one and a half years.

If you don’t know how to do this – send us your date, time, and place of birth, and we’ll look into it for you.